Whit Drake combines incredible knowledge of the maritime world with humorous anecdotes of the ships, people, and places related to the stories in our museum. His fun and engaging tours are the highlight of our Tuesdays!

What is your maritime background?

None! I’m the first docent without a maritime background; my hobby is history, especially military history. I was three months post back surgery and my wife was trying to find a way to get me out of the house and out of her kitchen! Lawrence Shallenberger was my docent and we hit it off. We had a great time trading stories back and forth about the models and I brought stories from my history passion. Next thing I knew, Leslie was calling me to be a docent!

Favorite Model?

I have two favorite models – one is the USS Lexington as she looked pre-war and the second is the USS Hornet with the B25 on its deck.

What do you want visitors to know about you?

I graduated from the landlocked Texas A&M with a degree in chemical engineering; picked up a masters in the Air Force and flew for them for 7 years in the Vietnam era; left in the reduction in force in the 70s and came to Houston to work in engineering and construction for 45 years.

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