From Orange to Singapore: A Shipyard Builds a Legacy
Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 07:00pm - 08:00pm
Contact Caitlin Avinger at (713) 666-1910 or

Founded in 1930, Levingston Shipbuilding Co. in Orange, Texas, soon established itself as the leading builder of ocean tugs in World War II. Later Levingston went on to become one of the first shipbuilding companies involved in offshore drilling. Expanding upon their success, Levingston established Keppel (FELS) in Singapore in 1968. Today, the shipyard started by Levingston is recognized as the world leader in offshore drilling vessels and is the only mobile drilling rig builder in the United States. Mattingly will detail the history of the iconic Levingston Shipbuilding Co. and describe the passionate workers who embodied the American can-do spirit of World War II. He will lead visitors on a journey through the times, places, and people of Levingston including one of Levingston’s greatest achievements: Glomar Challenger. Launched in the spring of 1968, this scientific drillship proved to be a significant milestone in the growing science of oceanography.

Location Houston Maritime Museum
For more information and tickets, please visit From Orange to Singapore: A Shipyard Builds a Legacy
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