An Evening with Sam Houston
Tuesday, March 07, 2017, 07:00pm - 08:00pm
Contact Caitlin Avinger at (713) 666-1910 or

Sam Houston will always be remembered for his influence on Texas history, but he was also a frontiersman and an important American political figure in the 19th century. This captivating lecture by the creator of the EMMY Award winning documentary Sam Houston: American, Statesman, Soldier, and Pioneer, will detail Sam Houston’s remarkable life including his rebellious teenage years when he ran away to live with a local Cherokee tribe, his later struggles with marriage and sobriety, and much more. Learn about Houston’s remarkable life as the only person ever to govern two states, become a general, serve two terms as the President of the Republic of Texas, as well as serve as a U.S. House Member and U.S. Senator, and at the end as a southerner banished and hated for his devotion to the Union.

Location Houston Maritime Museum
For more information and tickets, please visit An Evening with Sam Houston

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