The "Underground Railway" to Pensacola: Slaves, Abolitionists, and Florida's Gulf Coast
Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 07:00pm - 08:00pm
Contact Caitlin Avinger at (713) 666-1910 or

In the decades before the Civil War, Pensacola, Florida, was a maritime and military community that shared little in common with other seaports along the South’s Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Indeed, because of arid soil, shallow waters, and an extraordinary multiracial, multiethnic, and international population, Pensacola remained on the margins of antebellum southern society. As a result, the city earned a reputation as a gateway to freedom for enslaved people across the Deep South who found the northernmost routes of escape inaccessible. Through an examination of Pensacola during the antebellum era, this lecture tells the forgotten story of fugitive slaves and their allies along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Location Houston Maritime Museum
For more information and tickets, please visit The "Underground Railway" to Pensacola
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