Project 11 Live

An informed public is an engaged community. And Houston Maritime Education Center and Museum wants to engage you in our efforts.

Leslie Bowlin, Director

Project 11 Live is a neutral platform providing a series of educational and informative broadcasts about Project 11; the widening and deepening o the Houston Ship Channel. Speakers and presentations will cover topics that touch on all aspects of the project including fiscal, workforce, environmental impacts, engineering perspectives, and more.

The program serves as an unbiased informative link between the community and industry and will be free to the public. Hosted in the new Houston Maritime Studio, Project 11 Live begins in Spring 2021 with live broadcasts and will be available online following each interactive session.

Topics will include:

  • Financial experts to provide information on the fiscal impact to the city, state, and beyond
  • Industry professionals to describe the impact on each type of industry located on the channel- from oil & gas to container to breakbulk and more
  • Navigation authorities demonstrate the impact of navigating a wider, deeper channel
  • Engineers and planners to talk about the engineering and implementation of the plan
  • Environmental experts to outline what is needed to mitigate the potential environmental impact on the bay
  • Dredging specialists to explain the process
  • Workforce educators to talk about the impact of Project 11 on the needs of workforce