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  • Houston Maritime Education Center and Museum

    Why is there a maritime museum in Houston?
    Come on in to discover our city's special relationship with the water and gain an insight into the maritime world!

  • Our Founder

    When did the museum start?
    Our museum was founded in 2000 and is the result of the inspirational work of one mariner, James Manzolillo, and continues to build on his vision.

  • Age of Exploration

    How did ships change the world?
    Civilizations took to the high seas in search of resources and power, resulting in a blending of cultures and the world as we know it.

  • Texas Navy

    Where did the Texas Navy operate?
    The Texas Navy harbored in Galveston and served against the Mexican government during the Texas Revolution.

  • HMS Victory

    Who was one of the greatest naval officers in history?
    Admiral Horatio Nelson sailed on this ship for the Royal Navy and revolutionized naval combat for the many wars to come.

  • Ocean Liners

    Why are ocean liners important?
    They provided people an opportunity to see beautiful parts of the world that were relatively unknown and seek enjoyment on the water. Plus until the advent of air travel, ocean liners were the only way people were able to immigrate to other countries.

  • USS Houston

    What is the story of this WWII ship?
    Its incredible history includes a caring president, hundreds of brave crewman, and thousands of patriotic volunteers.

  • Buffalo Bayou

    How was Houston founded?
    It all started with a small and determined steamboat that made it up the Bayou and docked at present-day downtown Houston.

  • Houston Ship Channel

    What happens on the Houston Ship Channel?
    Oil tankers and container ships unload their cargo at one of the country's busiest and most important ports, the Port of Houston.