Engage your children in the maritime world! Houston Maritime can provide a vast variety of educational activities, both in person and virtual, for your cildren and students. Click on a category below to see all available activities.

Houston Ship Channel

Explore the Houston Ship Channel and it’s importance to the city of Houston.

My Maritime Story

Experience the maritime world for yourself! Everyone has a maritime story.

Scavenger Hunts

Great activities to do at home! Search your house for maritime objects and share with your classmates!

Maritime Math with Milt Rose

Maritime Math revolves mostly around geometry and understanding the angles and distances between known points. Many instruments have been used over the years to estimate these distances and angles, gaining more and more accuracy over the years, now being replaced by computers and satelites. Despite the giant leaps in technology, the math remains very much…

Are We There Yet?

Houston boasts one of the largest and busiest ports in the U.S. Use this activity to help students become familiarized with the Ship Channel, and to start thinking about Houston and its surrounding areas as a maritime region.

My Maritime Story Scavenger Hunt

Never been on the sea? Don’t think you have a maritime story? Think again! Use this activity to introduce your students to the concept of “maritime”. Check out our Houston Ship Channel Module or Museum Day education resources and see how you can carry your student’s interests even further.