2017 Coast Guard Art Program

About the Coast Guard Art Program

The Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) makes use of fine art to educate diverse audiences about the Coast Guard. Today, more than ever, the service addresses an abundance of challenges as it works to maintain the nation’s security at home and abroad and executes its 11 statutory missions. COGAP art provides visual testimony to the unique contribution the service makes to the nation in its multifaceted roles as a military, humanitarian and law enforcement organization. Art from the program is exhibited at museums around the country. It is displayed in offices of members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, senior government officials, and other military services and Coast Guard locations nationwide. It has also been displayed by the State Department in its prestigious Art in Embassies program.

Today, the collection holds nearly 2,000 works of art. While pieces received earlier tended to portray Coast Guard assets and history, more recent works capture the experience of actual service in the Coast Guard. COGAP’s talented corps of volunteer artists—most of whom are professional artists—brings to life the missions performed daily by the over 41,000 active-duty men and women of the service, as well as reservists and Auxiliary members.

The 2017 collection is comprised of 33 works by 29 artists, making this one of the service’s largest collections in recent years. Seven of the works result from artist travel to Coast Guard units or Coast Guard deployments. They are art by James Consor, Daven Anderson, Crissie Murphy, Stephen Louis Gadal, Frank Gaffney and Ken Smith. Many of the new works depict rescue swimmer and aircrew training exercises, illegal drug and migrant interdictions, Arctic exploration and patrols. Other missions portrayed include ice rescues and landings, aids to navigation and buoy tending exercises and a variety of the often grueling training service members undergo. Several works also honor service members or commemorate Coast Guard events

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